Stuart heeft zijn full-custom flatbar gravelgrinder opgebouwd en testgereden:

Hi Bart! … I’ve now had the time to ride a few hundred kilometres with both a geared setup and single speed, and I can honestly say that I am deeply impressed with this bike!

The craftsmanship and attention to detail is the best I’ve ever seen on a bicycle frame. The bike has a pleasing visual balance – for example, the flow of the top tube and the way it meets the seat tube and seat stays is very lovely to look at… It’s in no way flashy, but has already triggered admiring comments from other cyclists who know a bit about quality bikes.

The handling is pretty much everything I hoped for – balanced and relaxed enough for long rides but still responsive enough to be a lot of fun when I’m feeling more energetic! On fast descents on really rough ground I can feel a slacker front end would maybe give a little more confidence, but this is a gravel bike – not a mountain bike with skinny tyres! The bike is pretty much perfect for the other 99% of my riding!

Thank you!